A few years ago I tried my hand at being a beer blogger.

I wasn’t very good at it, but for a while I really liked it.

Redundancy, marriage, emigration (from Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire) and a change in career caused a hiatus in my ramblings.

But that nagging feeling I’ve got better things to say, in better ways, has lingered on.

So here goes.

A bit more writing. A lot less ‘reviews’. A splash of cooking. Many dashings of digital; the odd lashing of football. Unconvincing stirrings of politics, history, geography and other half-baked interests.

And of course, plenty of pints in plenty of pubs.


Why Beer Ale Whatever?

Because I don’t care what you call your pint or how it was dispensed. Much as I don’t care for your craft marketed hyperbole. I don’t like buzzwords but I’m guilty of using them. I’m a contradiction, but I’m human. I like beer, I like ale, I like what I like. Whatever it’s called.